The Ultimate in Smart Homes

This is a wireless system that is compatible with all electronic devices in the house and also allows you to control them at will.

The intelligent technology for homes (domotics), has had a boom during the last two years in Chile, mainly because of the number of solutions that these systems bring to families, which raise their levels of security, comfort, savings and energy efficiency.

Concepción is no stranger to this global trend, now people who want to transform their home into a TAMED Intelligent Home, can do so through the FIBARO system, which has the largest smart portfolio in the world in terms of devices that can adapt to the user’s need, in addition to complementing it with devices from other brands such as; Philips HUE, D-Link, Ericsson, among others.

An important fact is that the most important real estate companies in Latin America are offering their houses with this technology, that is, they are selling intelligent houses and apartments without maintenance costs, and Concepción is part of this innovative event.

“We understand that in times of hyper connectivity the decision to buy a property depends on the added value it has over the competition. And precisely the intelligent systems for homes are the trend in this minute. Today, to acquire a department without domotics is to stay in the past. That’s why our Concepto Andalué project has had an excellent acceptance here in Concepción,” says Christian Kother, Commercial Manager of Inmobiliaria CISS.

What can you do in a TAMED Smart Home?

From the minute you buy a smart system for the house or apartment, all you have to do is install it and then, using a mobile application, control and manage all the home’s electronic devices from a cell phone.

The FIBARO system is the only one in Chile compatible with Apple’s and Android’s iOS systems. In addition, it has a specialized technical unit, which is quite appreciated when you need some help with these technologies, since it saves us from calling abroad to find a possible solution.

It is a set of devices that work magic in the home. To mention a few, there is an intelligent plug that measures the amount of consumption to compare it with light bills at the end of the month, and also controls the device that was plugged into this device.

There are also sensors and controllers of light, temperature, movement, gps, portraits that recognize the gestures of a person to perform some action previously configured to the user’s liking (scene configuration).

This system allows adding devices as the family or users need it. It is not necessary to acquire all the products immediately, they can be incorporated little by little. This means that you don’t have to make a big investment to have a TAMED Smart Home.

Today, the latest generation cell phone is more expensive than a home automation system, understanding that a smart home provides us with endless solutions and security, unlike a mobile phone.

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